Seen is a journal of film and visual culture focused on Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities globally, published by BlackStar Projects twice each calendar year.

Two Black men stand facing the viewer in a dark, blue-lit space. Donald Glover stands in the foreground, looking off frame, while LaKeith Stanfield stands in the background, with a hand framing his left eye.


'Atlanta' is Back and Bold as Ever

by Tre Johnson

The corner of the cover of Seen is visible, showing the logo in black against orange.

Issue 003 Available Now

Guest edited
by Darol Olu Kae

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A grid featuring twenty five people on a Zoom video call smile and look at their cameras during a discussion.


The Politics of the Gaze

by Janaína Oliveira


Monthly missives on film, art, and more

A still from After Sherman shows a Black person, their back to the camera, looking out at an expansive mountain range.