Seen is a journal of film and visual culture focused on Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities globally, published by BlackStar Projects twice each calendar year.

Still from Eyes on the Prize: Hallowed Ground shows a Black family in a deceptively idyllic scene — two children having a picnic on one side of the lawn as a parent mows the other side. On the steps of the home stands the other parent, perhaps the mother, but their face is obscured by a an American flag represented in the colors of red, black, and green. The three people whose faces are visible are all looking up at something in the sky.

A Black face is centered, with their eyes closed, while a number of other Black hands are touching, caressing, holding their face.

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Guest edited
by Darol Olu Kae

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A photo of Darol Olu Kae in black and white, looking directly at the camera, wearing a black beanie hat and a black shirt.

Issue 003

Letter from the Editor

by Darol Olu Kae

Texas Isaiah
Profiled by Jessica Lynne
Featuring new photographs by the award winning artist

A Black person sits in a chair outside, in front of a tree, their face covered by an orange/green beanie pulled down to their kneck.